St Johns Window Centre offer Rehau and Kommerling PVCu Window and Door systems, Patio Doors, French Doors and Flush Casements.

Rehau and Kommerling products can be tailored to individual needs and are available in a wide range of colours.

Sustainability for today’s consumer and the environment.

St Johns Window Centre are a Rehau Authorised Partner.

What is a REHAU Authorised Partner?

We became part of the REHAU family when we chose to be a REHAU Authorised Partner. It demonstrates the professionalism and high standards we adhere to every day.

Essentially, it means we specialise in the installation of unrivalled REHAU products that offer excellent thermal efficiency, durability and security.

When you choose to use a REHAU Authorised Partner for your project, you can guarantee a smooth, efficient and enjoyable service, and the best quality products designed with high performance in mind.

A bit about REHAU Windows…

REHAU is a window profile manufacturer that’s part of a much bigger picture – an innovative and global company which remains family-owned. That ethos is evident through the design of every polymer product that REHAU makes. Each and every one of its windows is designed to subtly enhance modern life.

Put simply, REHAU’s range of sophisticated window systems belong to one of the most versatile portfolios on the market. Slim sightlines, energy efficiency and the highest possible acoustic performance are some of the reasons our customers love REHAU windows.

When you choose a REHAU window, you’re choosing an experience. So, if you want to feel safe, environmentally responsible, comfortable, and proud of your home, REHAU windows are for you.

What are the different types of windows available?

These days, people want choice in their home design, and REHAU windows offer a plethora of styles to suit each home individually. Which should you choose?


Choose casement if you want versatility. As the most popular style of replacement window in the UK, casement windows are simply attached to a frame by one or more hinges at the side.

Flush Fit

Choose flush fit if you want sophistication. Flush fit windows have been specifically designed so that the opening sash of your window sits flush with the outer frame.

Bay & Bow

Choose bay or bow if you want space and light. Bay windows typically consist of three glass panels protruding from the home, whereas bow windows are typically four or five fitted on an angle.

Tilt & Turn

Choose tilt and turn if you want functionality. A tilt and turn window essentially opens on two axis, assisting with ventilation and access.

Vertical Sliding

Choose vertical sliding if you want tradition. A vertical sliding window is designed to replicate timber box sash windows by allowing part of the window to move vertically.

What are the different types of doors available?

As well as windows, there are many types of doors you can choose from. Which should you choose?

Entrance Doors

Choose entrance if you want impact. All entrance doors are available as open-in or open-out, and come in a range of styles.

Composite Doors

Choose composite if you want security. Composite doors are made with various materials to find the optimum strength.

French Doors

Choose french doors if you want class. French doors are two identical doors side-by-side that predominantly open outwards to create a spacious route into the garden.

Multi-fold Doors

Choose multi-fold if you want standout. Built in multi-facet panes, each door folds back to allow a wide opening offering unrestricted access and bringing the outside in.

Sliding Doors

Choose sliding doors if you want contemporary. Sliding doors open horizontally by sliding, usually parallel to a wall.

Are there different colours available?

One of the reasons we install REHAU windows is because they offer a broader colour palette than ever before. Gone are the days that uPVC windows were only available in white! There’s now over 20 solid and woodgrain laminate finishes, from timeless hues in clotted cream and Chartwell green to contemporary expressions in different shades of grey and statement colours like ruby red. Choose REHAU windows if you want a rainbow of choice.

Where does REHAU stand on sustainability?

Importantly, we choose to be a REHAU Authorised Partner due to its outstanding ‘green’ credentials. Sustainability lies at the heart of everything REHAU does, which is vital if we want to protect tomorrow’s world. Rest assured that if you choose REHAU windows, they will be designed to ensure your home performs sustainably.